Internal-Space Meditation

There are many ways to nurture our spiritual life, most of which have been well described in countless books. For example, meditation, cultivating virtues, serving or helping others in need, prayer, communing with nature, reading spiritual literature and attending services and are among the most common and valuable. Here at Paths of Connection we have been developing the Internal Space Meditation (ISM) which focuses on releasing anything held internally and opening the space of just being.

internal space meditationTechnique and Benefits

Internal Space Meditation utilizes our breath, presence and focused attention to enter deeply into our body. We focus first on finding the smallest open space that we can enter with the softest, tiniest inhalation. We then notice anything within us that is compressed, dense, contracted, constricted, anxious or agitated. The next step is to simply accept and be with whatever we have found. We attempt to enter as fully as we can the smallest space with the tiniest breath—if we can, somewhere in the middle of our body between front and back. We continue to focus with each inhalation and simply let go with each exhalation. Gradually that small space will get bigger and the edges softer. We can remain in the same location and simply continue to observe the expansion or we can shift our breath to another location. We believe this meditation is not only very beneficial, but can be done comfortably and easily. It can be done sitting, lying or in an easy chair. Doing it for 15 minutes before bedtime will make for better sleep. It is a great stress relief tool. Leaning to “just be” enhances our sense of well-being and tranquility.