health and spirituality

Our Spiritual Health

Human beings are spiritual beings. It is no longer a question of “Do you believe or don’t you believe?” Science has weighed in and the verdict is clear. We are born ready and hardwired for the capacity for transcendent experiences. We are born with an ability to engage a relationship to a Higher Power—who is guiding and loving— and with a capacity to sense our connection to life itself. Health and spirituality and interrelated.

Spirituality is not necessarily religion, although it can be. Religion is not necessarily spirituality, although it can be. Its essence is a growing relationship to a Benevolent Higher Power; and it includes an awareness and appreciation of awe, wonder and mystery.

The absence of this dimension in our lives constitutes a wound to the human organism. Our “wholeness” is to some important degree diminished. As our spirituality is nourished, it brings with it a sense of belonging, not simply to a family, tribe, community or religion, but to the biosphere itself. The more disconnected we become from this sphere of life through wounds, traumas and ignorance, the more truncated our identities become and the more we suffer.

The Heart’s Intelligence

Spirituality includes an astute understanding of the nature and role of the human heart. The heart cultivates sentiments such as gratitude, appreciation, empathy, caring, love and forgiveness.

The intelligence of the heart is a way of knowing. It is the heart that has the capacity to understand sacred and profound truths that simply defy rational understanding. The heart can bring clarity and recognition of what is important and what is not. Being unable to appreciate the intelligence of the heart contributes enormously to many major social problems of our time. It constitutes a “wound” to the wholeness of the organism.

Note: Throughout history as well as in our time, many people have found that substances found in nature have the capacity to open our doors of perception, and awaken us to spiritual reality. There are many groups in North America, South America and Europe (some perfectly legal) that use substances such as Ayahuasca or Peyote in spiritual ceremonies. In addition, there is a great deal of medical research using these substances to treat addictions and other conditions.