Somatic Education

somatic education

Enriching our Experience of Living in our Body

Healing trauma, recovering from addictions, anxiety, depression, toxic stress and/or chronic health conditions requires experiencing ourselves as whole persons. As we have said, we are spiritual, psychological and relational beings. We are also physical organisms. Some say we “have” a body. Some say we “are” a body. What we all can agree on is we “live” in our bodies. The normal adult human body is far more compressed, constricted, tense and rigid than is necessary for wholesome living.

For centuries the body has been studied as an objective “thing.” We have volumes on its physiology, anatomy and pathology. Even so, it only has been in recent decades that we have learned that diet, exercise and stress affect our health. We have so much more to understand.

Connecting to Our Bodies

The body as a living, sensing, feeling, moving organism is barely known or appreciated. Just this lack of understanding contributes hugely to the health and well-being challenges we face as human beings. Our body is our “home.” It is a place to be lived in and experienced. The quality of connection to our body enriches our sense of freedom, our confidence, our sensuality, our capacity to connect emotionally with others and our health. Understanding the evolving new paradigm of the human body is essential to our journey toward wholeness. Toxic stress, trauma and ignorance are major contributors to the diminished feeling capacity of most human bodies in our culture.

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