“I benefited immensely from the content of the course! It opened my mind and heart to vastly different ways of understanding myself, others, and the connections and relationships that can be created and enhanced in my life.

The combination of the two of your experiences and education makes your knowledge and understanding so robust that the delivery of the material seemed effortless. You both portrayed a sincere enjoyment of sharing this information with others, which was felt among the group, and made it enjoyable to learn.

Thank you again for bringing your message to those of us who attended the workshop, and into the world.”

Nathan (September 2016)

“Thank you both so much for the amazing weekend!

I loved being in the space you two hold with such love and conscientiousness. . . and the way the whole workshop was held in an environment of lightheartedness and fun, even while people touched in with deep and tender issues.

I Loved the music, the laughter, and I’m so inspired by the fluidity you two embody – in your freedom of expression and in your movement. What a model of aging. Deep bows and big smiles!”

Erin (September 2016)