Healing the Wounds of Childhood: A Psychologist’s Journey and Discoveries from Wretched Beginnings to a Thriving Life

healing the wounds of childhood

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In my book, Healing the Wounds of Childhood, I share my personal story and discoveries about what our bodies, our minds, our “selves” and our relationships need in order to heal from the wounds, the traumas and the toxic stresses of life.

As you will see when reading my book, my childhood was intense, filled with physical and emotional abuse. The effects were devastating and healing required me to leave no stone unturned to restore my humanity.

Among the many things I discovered is that “normal” is not nearly good enough. This is what I mean. I wanted to enjoy a long-term sexual-intimate relationship with a partner that didn’t become boring. I wanted to be able to feel healthy and alive in my body and spirit. I wanted to replace fear, shame and rigidity with confidence, resilience and fluidity. I wanted to age with vitality and grace and to feel more love-connections in my life. With gratitude and humility, I can say these continue to grow in me and my relationship with my dear wife.

I invite you to read Healing the Wounds of Childhood. No matter where you are in your personal journey, I am confident you will feel supported and inspired by reading this book.

– Dr. Don St John