Exploring the Frontiers of Well-Being

Depression, Becoming Whole, Dr. Don St John

Most of today’s social problems have the same roots—a lack of understanding of what it means to be a whole human being. What if violence, illness, addictions, suicides, toxic stress, depression, anxiety and relationship dysfunctions could be traced to the same source? The implications for education, childrearing and our comprehension of mental and physical health would be staggering.

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Helping to Guide Your Path

We, Dr. Don St John and Diane St John, have each spent over 45 years engaging the process of becoming whole, both personally and professionally, as well as in our relationship. On this site, we share with you the essence of our understanding and discoveries. We hope this site serves to orient, guide and provide resources for all on the path.

What does it mean to be a “whole human being?” What is “wholeness?” There are four different dimensions we consider. All are separate and all are deeply interrelated. Each influences and is influenced by every other. They are:


Enriching Our Experience of Living in Our Bodies


Expanding Our Sense of Self --Discovering Core Limiting Beliefs -- Cultivating Positive Feelings


Recognizing the Importance of Felt-Love-Moments -- Deepening Our Capacity For Emotional and Sexual Intimacy -- Appreciating How Our Brain is Nourished in Relationsip


Growing Our Heart's Intelligence

Insufficient understanding or lack of support in any of these four dimensions constitutes a wound to the integrity of our organism. As we grow our appreciation and understanding of our imensionality, recognize where we have been unsupported, suppressed or otherwise wounded, we have a map necessary to effectively continue our journey towards wholeness. There is no end to the opportunities and possibilities to grow into a fuller human being. We can heal into wholeness and well beyond “normal.”

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